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Birzebbuga, Malta
This is a New Blog to show what there is above and below the Little rock in the Med.. I am not a professional photographer, I just like taking pictures and showing people what its like here.

Friday, 21 December 2012

The First of Many...

Inspiration comes in many different way, friends, family, colleagues.... or people and places....

Things may get that memory stiring from years ago, music brings back so many of the little things that happened in the past...

Pictures however capture exactly what you felt at that time, gives everyone an insight to what you see and what you feel.. Some people take Photo's, they plan and get the lighting right, the choose a particular time of day to get that one image that they are seeking... Others take snaps... snaps are a moment, nothing planned, just that one moment that everyone understood.

This is a snap blog, moments treasured above (Terra) and Below (Fathoms) in our beautiful world... enjoy my memories.. share them, use then .... but most of all take your own ;)

This was a great shot from a Dive near Dingli Cliffs, the bottom falls away to 50+ Metres and there are wonderful swimthroughs, caves and Cars... yes it seems the this is one of the Maltese Car Dumps.

Another Underwater one of a good Friend of Mine whilst we were enjoying another of the Maltese Island Dives, The Um El Faroud a Tanker that is just off the Blue Grotto.

A Beautiful Maltese Sunset looking out of our appartment in Birzebbuga
Well for thats it for the first post I hope you like and enjoy whats to come... Enjoy Christmas and lets hope 2013 is a great one.